Operational efficiency / DX conversion support

We are accepting responses to the revision of the Electronic Book Preservation Act

We can assist you with compliance to the revision of the Electronic Book Storage Law!

Our corporation explains the electronic book storage method at seminars hosted by major telecommunications companies, and has a wide range of knowledge and achievements. We will work together to ensure that you can comply with the amended regulations as soon as they come into effect.

Administration supporting operational efficiency

With the evolution of technology, the speed of business has increased, and the tools and services related to the work of the management department are becoming more and more new.In order to keep up with the speed of business, the speed of decision-making must also At the same time, we must speed up the work of the management department, which provides the basis for decision-making.
It is desirable to utilize the latest tools for management department tasks as they are developed on a daily basis, but there are cases where IT skills are required. Additionally, unless the current tasks are organized and improved to fit the tools, there is a possibility that they cannot be fully utilized.
Hida Tax Accountant Corporation has assisted in numerous company establishments and has also supported the construction of internal systems.
We will use our experience and knowledge to assist you in streamlining the operations of the management department.

Service guide

Drawing upon our experience in assisting various clients as an accounting firm, we will leverage our expertise to propose efficiency improvements tailored to your specific needs. We understand that every client is unique, and we will provide recommendations that are best suited to your situation.

Efficiency consulting

There are ways to use convenient tools to improve the efficiency of management department work, but as a premise, steps to improve the work flow itself are indispensable.
In order to achieve goals such as accurately and quickly expressing the company’s financial situation and operating an internal system for business to run smoothly and grow, we will clarify the current tasks and work towards the goal. We will explore and propose efficient ways.
Once improvement measures are determined, we can also assist in implementing the necessary changes to establish the desired internal structure.

Responding to new and revised laws

In addition to electronic transactions that must be handled, we can also help with scanner storage for electronic storage of paper documents.
We aim to reduce paper documents by supporting electronic book storage, which stores national tax-related documents such as general ledger electronically, saving space and improving operations for telework.
By handling documents electronically, we will be able to make effective use of various tools.

DX support

In addition to digitizing paper documents, we can also assist with digitizing contract processes, internal approvals, and more..
By moving the accounting software to the cloud, we can enhance the speed of your operations and enable compatibility with teleworking.
By promoting DX in management department operations, we can accelerate your workflow while ensuring accuracy at the same time.

Consultation and management department work outsourcing

One of the ways to improve the efficiency of operations is to outsource management tasks instead of doing it in-house.
In the past, iit was challenging to monitor the progress of outsourced tasks and there were issues such as lack of visibility into the operations of the outsourcing partner and a failure to accumulate expertise within the organization. However, with the advancement of digitization and DX, it has become possible to gain a clear understanding of the current status and operational details of the outsourcing partner.

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