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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What services are available?

    As an accountancy firm, our main services are accounting and tax affairs, which include corporate tax, income tax, inheritance tax, donation tax, and international tax services. Besides, we provide financial arrangement support, tax consultation, outsourcing service for management affairs, IPO support, and RPA introducing support for accounting.

    Q. Can I have a consulting session for tax avoidance?
    We help clients to minimize their tax, but we do not positively recommend using so-called tax-saving tools such as the use of insurance and/or leasing because we think they just postpone the tax payments. We propose tax-avoiding means which benefit your business in the long term, not just let your funds away.
    Q. Can I arrange a meeting or a consulting session before signing a contract?
    Yes, we provide free consulting sessions.
    Q. Is the available industry or region specified?
    We do not set any limitations for the industry or the region. We are patronized by various clients in a wide range of industries from Kanto region and outside. We have been patronized by many clients since our establishment in 1985 and developed a variety of knowledge and experience.
    Q. Can I switch the adviser from the accountant I currently work with?
    Yes, you can. Please ask for that including when to switch. We accept to start with some affairs other than tax services as a trial.
    Q. What are the proceedings like after signing contract?
    It depends on the contract and clients’ request, but basically, we visit you every month and discuss the monthly financial result, tax-related process, and management stuff. Besides, we accept consultations via phone, e-mail, and various chat tools within the range of the monthly payment.
    Q. Can I request support from my corporate foundation?
    Yes, we can help with your business registration. We have plenty of experience in corporate foundation support, so please feel free to contact us. We can not only help with the registration procedure but also provide financing support for inauguration and service to submit an inauguration application to the tax office.
    Q. Is the available accounting software specified?
    We basically do not specify the accounting software to use. We accept various software such as Money Forward, freee, A-SaaS, JDL, Kanjo Bugyo, Yayoi Kaikei, PCA, and Kaikei O, so we can flexibly work with any accounting software.
    Q. Can you take the sort and input duty?
    Yes, we provide that service. You can just send us the invoices and receipts to leave them to us for preparation of the accounting report.
    Q. Tell me about your pricing.
    Price varies depending on the requested service and its amount and difficulty, so please feel free to contact us.