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Back office optimization

We’re here to support you to comply with
the amended Electronic Bookkeeping Act!

We provide services to comply with the amended Electronic Bookkeeping Act.

We as a firm have given a thorough exposition of the Electronic Bookkeeping Act in seminars hosted by a major telecom company, which proves our broad-based knowledge and experience. We are here with you to get ready so that you can adjust the operations as soon as the amended act is activated.

Support to optimize administrative operations

As technology is developing, business communication has been speeded up and the administration tools and services have also been rapidly updated. To catch up with the fast business communication, decisions must be made quickly, and the administrative operations, which provide necessary information to make decisions, must be quickened as well.

Because the administration tools are developed day by day, it sometimes requires IT skills to deal with the newest ones although it is desirable to do. Also, to make the fullest use of them, it may require re-evaluating and improving the current operations to adjust the format.

We as a firm helped the establishment of numerous companies and provide services to form the fundamental structure within the company. Using those our knowledge and experience, we can support you to optimize the administrative operations.


Using our experience that we have supported various clients as an accounting firm,
we can provide the most efficient suggestions to your business.

Service 1

Consulting for Optimization

To optimize administrative operations, there must be a step to evaluate and improve the operation flow before using convenient tools.

We will clarify the current tasks, and explore and suggest an efficient way towards the goals such as accurately and quickly showing the financial condition, or smoothly and growingly operating the business.

Once the solution is found, we will support its implementation within the business.

Service 2

Compliance with the Electronic Bookkeeping Act
and the Invoice Institution

We provide services not only for the electronic documents that require the action but also for storing the paper documents electronically as scanned files.

The paper documents can be reduced by electronically storing federal-tax-related documents such as the general ledger, and it can save space in the office or improve the operation to enable remote work.

Various convenient tools can also be efficiently used by handling documents electronically.

Service 3

Support for DX (digital transformation)

The contract process and the approval procedure within the company can also be computerized as well as paper documents. Using accounting software that supports cloud storage enables quicker operations and remote work.

Implementation of DX in administration improves both the speed and accuracy of operations.

Service 4


Outsourcing, not doing the administrative operations within the company, is one of the options of optimization.

Outsourcing used to have some problems such as we could not know the progress or build up skills in the company because the operations done by the outsourcing contractor were not visible. However, the computerization and the implementation of DX enable us to see the current progress and ongoing operations of the outsourcing contractor.

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